Different Body Types And Shapes
Different Body Types And Shapes

There are three main body types which has different abilities when it comes to muscle building. Here each one has their own different body structures. Below is the simple and brief explanation of the body shapes and sizes.

Endomorphs tend to have more fat cells and large bones, and are usually short to medium in height. While building muscle is usually not a problem, losing body fat is. This is the most difficult group to classify. The person may truly be an endomorph, but he or she could also be an ectomorph or mesomorph who is simply eating too much and doing little or no exercise.

Ectomorphs are often called “skinny” and tend to have long thin bones. Ectomorphs are lucky because they don’t easily gain body fat. However, they have a difficult time building muscle and have to fight significantly for every ounce of muscle they gain.

Mesomorphs are the most blessed when it comes to bodybuilding. They usually have large bones and have no problem building muscle mass. Some mesomorphs gain fat easily, while others do not. Most of the competitors you see on stage at the Mr. Olympia contest are pure mesomorphs or mesomorphs blended with characteristics of one of the other two.


Since ectomorphs are primarily concerned with gaining muscle mass, I suggest they keep their workouts short. The vast majority of exercises should be compound in nature (i.e. involving more than one joint and muscle group) and performed for no more than six to eight sets in total. Since losing fat is not really a problem, ectomorphs can take long rests between sets – at least one to two minutes. Cardio should also be kept to a minimum (no more than two or three 20- minute sessions per week) because any excess calories will be used for building muscle tissue, not for building body fat.

A couple of cardio sessions will keep the heart and lungs in shape without interfering with recovery. When it comes to nutrition, ectomorphs are the luckiest of the three somatotypes because they can eat just about anything and get away with it. However, optimal muscle is built with optimal nutrition. You’ll need protein for building muscle tissue and carbohydrates to supply energy. Don’t forget good fats either, as they help with the recovery process as well as helping to maintain overall health.


Since they tend to gain fat easily, endomorphs should keep between-set rests to a minimum (about 20 to 30 seconds). As they gain muscle fairly easily, endomorphs can perform a combination of compound and isolation (single-joint – one-muscle) exercises. Cardio will play just as important a role for endomorphs as weight training, so a minimum of three 30-minute sessions should be performed per week, and you could easily go up to five or six sessions of 45 minutes. Adding in outdoor exercises such as cycling, hiking and tennis would also be a good idea. Endomorphs will need to pay strict attention to their diets. Endomorphs are in many respects opposite to ectomorphs, and that means they store fat easily. All junk food will need to be avoided, especially deep-fried foods and simple sugars (i.e. fries, cakes, candies and most desserts).


During World War II the bomber pilots had a “club” they referred to as the “lucky bastards club.” To qualify for induction, a bomber crew had to survive between 25 and 35 missions (depending upon the year) over Germany. Well, mesomorphs are the lucky bastards of the bodybuilding world! They build the most muscle tissue of all three somatotypes and can drop their body fat levels as low as ectomorphs, provided they eat and train properly. Mesomorphs have such fast recovery systems that they can endure very intense training sessions. They don’t have to be as strict as endomorphs with their diets. However, to maximize their muscle gains they should eat highly nutritious meals containing good sources of protein, fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.


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