How To Keep Your Focus And Motivation When Working Out
How To Keep Your Focus And Motivation When Working Out

Chances are you’re fairly new to working out. And unfortunately, if you’re like most North Americans, at least 50 percent of you will quit working out after the first month. By six months the number will have increased to about 75 percent. By the end of the year, only about 10 percent of those who first began will still be hitting the gym on a regular basis. While the
reasons are varied and mixed, most people who stop training do so because they become bored and unmotivated. Well let’s see if we can do something about that. Here are 6 tips to help keep you motivated and focused on your workouts. They’re all easy to implement, free, and virtually guaranteed to work.

1) Get a workout buddy

There’s nothing like a workout partner to kick your ass on those fewer than-energetic days. Likewise, you can kick his (or hers!) on days he or she feels sluggish. A good training partner knows when to push you a little bit harder and when to give you slack. The two of you can have mini competitions. At the very least you’ll have someone to keep you focused on training, and not worried about work or something distracting in your home life.

2) Fit yourself in

As crazy as it sounds, you may have to add your name to your day planner. If it takes making your workout one of your daily appointments, then so be it. The benefit of this is that it helps you balance your workouts with other daily activities such as family, work or school. You will be more successful and bound to stick with it if you make working out part of your lifestyle.

3) Pace yourself

Don’t think that you’re going to develop the body you want overnight. It
probably took you years to get out of shape. A couple of weeks of all-out training will do nothing but make you incredibly stiff and sore, unwilling to work out and hating the sight of a dumbbell or barbell. It’s far better to train only two or three days a week year after year than to train seven days a week for one month and then quit because you’re burned out. Remember, consistency is the key.

4) Rise and shine and work out

The last thing you may want to do bright and early in the morning is hit the gym. But if you find yourself going home after work or school and flopping
on the couch, give it a try. By working out early in the morning you’ll be sure of getting it done, you’ll feel energized throughout the day, and your morning workout will prevent everything else in life from getting in the way of your all-important health and fitness goals.

5) The scale

Who cares? Unless you have a huge amount of fat to lose, don’t worry about your body weight. A ten-pound loss of fat and a ten-pound gain of muscle will make a huge difference in your appearance, clothes size and health, but the scales will show no change. Other than as a general guide for extremely overweight people, the scale is practically useless for measuring fitness success.

6) Pick a role model

There’s nothing like having someone to look up to, to keep you focused on
115 your goals. Literally millions of people look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger for this reason. From a naive 19-year-old who stepped off a plane in 1968 speaking no English to world’s greatest bodybuilder, top Hollywood star and governor of California, Arnold knows a thing or
two about motivation and staying focused. We’re sure there are many “mini-Arnolds” in your life. They could be teachers, co-workers or someone in the gym who overcame horrendous odds to get where he is. On those days you don’t feel like working out or doing that extra set, ask yourself what would your role model do? We thought so. Now do that extra set!

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