Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Testosterone
Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Testosterone

Testosterone makes us men. It is the most important hormone in our body; it drives us to
achieve greatness, build muscle, and compels us to win. A high level of testosterone in males indirectly linked to a multitude of positive attributes such as lean muscle, improved sleep, better sex, improved sperm count, a decrease in stress, a healthier heart, stronger bones and clearer skin among many others. Here we are going to talk about mind-blowing benefits of testosterone,

1) Testosterone Fights Depression

Depression is rampant among the population and more often than not you cannot tell when
someone is depressed. However, if you have ever personally been prone to bouts of
depression you will know the awful, dark feelings associated with it.

Depression exists in different levels of severity and manifests itself in many ways; from
needing medical and psychiatric help to just feeling a little blue. Depression is often linked
with low testosterone levels and studies have shown that men who suffer from depression
also suffer from low testosterone levels.

Scientists have now found that men suffering from depression report a huge improvement in
mood and optimism when they were given prescribed testosterone treatment. Further to
this is the study also shows that increased testosterone levels are one of the best barriers
against ever succumbing to depression.

2) Testosterone Decreases Body Fat

Countless research studies show that obese men have low testosterone levels. There is a
very specific reason for these findings. As testosterone levels decrease, the body’s ability
to regulate insulin, glucose and metabolise fat decreases as well; this causes fat (adipose
tissue) to begin accumulating. Now that would be bad enough but there is more; fat has the ability to convert testosterone into oestrogen.

Therefore a higher level of body fat = less testosterone and more estrogen.

Luckily there is a flip side to that horrible equation. An increase in testosterone allows the
body to better regulate insulin, glucose and increases the rate at which fat is metabolized
and this leads to a much nicer equation.

Higher testosterone levels = lower body fat and less estrogen produced.

Testosterone Increases Muscle Mass

Everybody knows that testosterone increases muscle mass. This unfortunately has led to
many of the negative stereotypes surrounding testosterone and they believe that it’s only
benefit is increased muscle mass.

That said…it is a fact that testosterone promotes muscle growth, this happens because
testosterone increases muscle-protein synthesis. So when you eat a higher protein diet with
an elevated level of testosterone your body is primed to build muscle.

3) Testosterone Increases Libido

Your libido is directly related to your testosterone levels, have you ever noticed a decline in
your sexual interest or arousal? If so low testosterone is most likely the cause, a decrease
in libido is widely regarded as one of the most common symptoms of low testosterone

Although there are other reasons for low libido fixing one’s testosterone levels is an excellent
way to fight this and reclaim your sexual aggression.

4) Testosterone Strengthens Erections

Related to the above increase in libido you will also notice an improvement in your erection
strength. Not only will you notice an increase in the strength of your erections but also in
your ejaculations.

Again, during sex, you will see a huge difference in your performance and enjoyment, who
would have thought you could enjoy sex more? Well, you can and you will…and you can thank me anytime you like.

5) Testosterone Strengthens Bones

Bone density and health is maybe not high on your totem pole of concerns and reasons for
wanting to increase testosterone but it is an excellent benefit you should be aware of.
Studies have shown testosterone plays an important role in the functionality and health of
bones. By increasing your testosterone you stimulate bone mineralization which in turn
increases bone density.

As mentioned, this might not be something you are concerned about just now but consider
the implications this can have as you age.
Your future self says “thank you.”

6) Testosterone Sharpens Cognitive Ability

Studies have shown that an increase in testosterone is linked with both a clearer mind and
also improved cognitive abilities. Other research has shown that lower levels of
testosterone can be directly linked to a decrease in memory and recall ability.

Additionally it is seen that concentration levels fluctuate greatly with testosterone levels. The
feeling you will have experienced when you just can’t seem to focus and motivate yourself
could be a direct result of sub-optimal testosterone production.

This improvement in cognitive abilities is also a result of two other factors that are linked
with increasing your Test levels. Two key ways in which you will Naturally Triple Your Testosterone are through both an improvement and an increase in sleep and also eating certain key foods.

The process of these two steps results in an improvement of cognitive abilities as you will
be better rested and also strategically removing additives and toxins from your diet which
have been shown to decrease mental faculties.

Several of these points are similar to bone density in that they may not affect you until later
in life, it is, however, prudent to take measures now for your future self. So not only will an
improvement in testosterone levels benefit you now; you will also be reaping the benefits in
your old age.

7) Testosterone Improves Confidence

A link that has surfaced time and time again in studies documenting what happens when you
increase testosterone levels is the result that an increase in Test levels leads to an
improved level of self-confidence.

It is shown that when testosterone is boosted so too is a man’s self-confidence. Whether
this comes from the physical effect of actually producing testosterone or is a side result of
your body and mind being stronger has yet to be proven.

This, however, is not an issue as the result remains the same; as testosterone increases
your confidence will increase too. This alone can have huge benefits in both your work and
social life.

8) Testosterone Can Help with the Ladies

Linked to the improvement in confidence is how optimizing testosterone also helps you with
the ladies. There are two main reasons that having an increase in testosterone will help you
with the ladies; one is linked to the improvements in your mind and body…the other is linked
to animals.

Improving your physical appearance, confidence and cognitive functions are all sure-fire
ways of making you more appealing to the opposite sex. This goes for seducing new women and also for your current partner. Being confident, in excellent shape and possessing a sharp mind are 3 traits that are highly desirable to women; by optimizing your T levels you will satisfy this criteria…and her.

The other main reason for testosterone helping you with the ladies is pheromones; as I said
this is linked to the animal kingdom and is how dominant males attract females. Animals with high testosterone levels have also been shown to produce more pheromones that attract the opposite sex. Many men who have undergone the process of naturally increasing their testosterone have reported stories that would seem more attuned to the African Plains than city living.

Again, this may just be linked to the improvement in their physical appearance and
confidence but splitting hairs at these points is not worthwhile as the fact remains…

9) Testosterone helps with the ladies.

Testosterone can Decrease Your Chances of Having Alzheimer’s This is another benefit that you may not care about just now but in years to come you will be thankful you took steps to increase your testosterone levels.

A range of research studies has established a link stating that lower testosterone puts you
at a greater risk for becoming an Alzheimer’s sufferer. However, another group studying the
effects that increased testosterone has upon Alzheimer’s found that: when they increased
the T levels of mice afflicted by Alzheimer’s they could slow the progression of the disease.
When you consider the implications this has it is ground-breaking; Alzheimer’s is one of the
most depressing diseases to witness (if you have had a family member suffer as I have
they you know the feeling). Slowly losing your mind, losing the ability to form memories,
forgetting who your family members are all awful symptoms can potentially be offset
by increasing testosterone.

Although multiple studies have found beneficial correlations between increased testosterone
and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, it is still at early research stages and as such is not 100%.
However, anything that can potentially lower the likelihood of becoming a sufferer is a huge
benefit in my eyes.


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