Top 5 Training Mistakes
Top 5 Training Mistakes

Do you know what you should not do when training? We always talk about training methods, nutrition, supplements, techniques, and stuff. But we rarely talk about mistakes. So here what we should not do,

  1. Leave your ego at the door. You are not at the gym to show off the amount of weight you can do. You are there to work out the muscle group you have targeted.
  1. The number one goal in the gym is to get a great workout, not to socialize. Socializing with gym partners or members of the opposite sex takes up chunks of your time and you will take way too long in between sets to elevate your growth hormone levels and natural testosterone.
  1. More is not always better. You need to stress quality over quantity. While the intentions of going to the gym for longer periods of time and more frequently are good, it sometimes is done in vain. You should never work out for more than an hour and you need adequate rest in between workouts.
  1. Not using proper form will destroy your efforts. Not only does it waste your time because it does not work out the muscle group you are looking to build, it often leads to injury. Never use momentum to hoist weight up and always perform a slow and controlled movement on both the eccentric and concentric phases of the repetition. The weight should be handled on the way down just as slow, or slower, as it took you to bring it up.
  1. Failing to train your lower body on a weekly basis will leave you imbalanced and halt your progress.

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