What is High-Intensity Interval Training?
What is High-Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT aka High Intensity Interval Training was ranked as number one fitness trend by American College of Sports Medicine. It sounds very difficult and scientific. But it’s a very simple protocol. High intensity is bursts of activity with period od rest and recovery between them. When doing interval training the body uses the both two energy production systems: the aerobic anaerobic and the anerobic.

  • Aerobic System-This allow you to walk or run for long distances and functions oxygen to convert carbohydrates in the body to energy.
  • Anaerobic System-Draws energy from the carbohydrates stored in the muscles and provide short bursts of activities such as jumping, lifting heavy weights, short distance sprinting.

Interval training is not circuit training. Circuit training is something moving from station to station to complete set of exercise. When circuit training happens, there is no rest between exercises that do in sequence. But when it comes to interval training the athlete take short rests between intense repetitions of a single exercise.

Benefits of HIIT

  1. Weight Loss-When doing HIIT it burns more calories than a regular cardio session. And also it takes less time and normally interval training consists of 20 minutes or less. 
  1. Lowering blood sugar-Managing blood sugar is very important for health. Those who are doing HIIT maintain their insulin levels comparing to others. Studies show that it helps to lower ad manage blood sugar.
  1. Heart Health-It’s a kind of endurance training and it directly affects cardiovascular health. So that it’s proven that it can maintain heart health.
  1. Increase fitness level- By doing this it will increase stamina over time. So, it will lead to improving the ability to do exercises and day-to-day activities.
  1. No extra equipment needed- HIIT can be done in-home because some protocols don’t need any equipment. You can use your body weight to do enough effective protocol at home.

Why Interval Training Is Not for Everyone

HIIT is very demanding and it not for everyone due to its intensity and the individual’s capacity of handling stress and to recover from the damage it causes. If you with a heart problem and some circulation issues, this is not for you. And also, people who are obese and having diabetes should seek a doctor before doing HIIT.

But a qualified personal trainer can help to design a correct HIIT protocol for you by examining your fitness level, medical conditions, and according to your goal. I recommend if you having some health issues contact a doctor before starting into a new exercise program.


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